Empowering African American Communities: Join Us in Building Political Power and Representation

The SRC PAC is dedicated to promoting, fostering, and sponsoring education, and civic, and political activities that enrich and improve African American communities across the state of Ohio.

Our Mission

Through active legislation, community partnerships, and grassroots efforts, we aim to reform the criminal justice system, protect voting rights, create equal job opportunities, address health disparities, combat poverty, and strengthen the education system.

We aim to build Black political power, cultivate strong leadership, and ensure a bright future for the next generation of African American leaders in Ohio.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving and empowered African American community in Ohio through active engagement, representation, and advocacy. We strive to be a voice and conscious in the legislature for all minorities while building a new generation of black civic leaders on the local, state, and federal levels. 
By educating and equipping voters, donors, and candidates with the necessary resources, we aim to address the underrepresentation of African Americans in public office and improve democracy. Through our efforts, we seek to strengthen the political process, increase Black representation, and champion the needs and interests of the Black community.

Empower the Black community in Ohio. Your donation to SRC PAC fuels our mission of enhancing Black political representation, advocating for equity, and dismantling barriers to participation.

Join us in creating a brighter future. Together, we can build a stronger and more inclusive democracy for all. Donate now and make an impact that matters. Thank you for your support.

SRC Initiatives

SRC Initiatives:

  1. Legislative Advocacy:

    • Drive criminal justice reform, safeguard voting rights, and address health disparities.
    • Collaborate with legislators for bills prioritizing African American communities.
    • Champion equal job opportunities and education enhancements.
  2. Community Partnerships:

    • Forge alliances with local entities to bolster African American communities.
    • Foster civic engagement through events, forums, and workshops.
    • Amplify voices via grassroots collaborations.
  3. Leadership Development:

    • Cultivate African American leaders across local, state, and federal levels.
    • Mentor aspiring politicians, activists, and community organizers.
    • Provide training in advocacy, public speaking, and campaign management.
  4. Voter Empowerment:

    • Educate and empower African American voters on rights and participation.
    • Drive voter registration and guide through the process.
    • Elevate African American representation in elections.
  5. Policy Research:

    • Analyze policies affecting Ohio’s African American communities.
    • Publish insights to educate leaders and the public.
    • Advocate for evidence-based solutions against inequalities.
  6. Fundraising and Engagement:

    • Strategize fundraising for SRC PAC initiatives.
    • Cultivate relationships with aligned donors.
    • Keep supporters engaged and informed.

These actions fulfill SRC PAC’s mission: enhancing education, civic engagement, and Ohio’s African American communities, all to forge an empowered and thriving future.


SRC PAC's Artists & Influencers Leadership Council

Empower the Black community in Ohio.

The SRC PAC’s Artists & Influencers Leadership Council is an advisory council that actively supports the mission and vision of the SRC PAC – enhancing political equity for African Americans. At SRC PAC, we are dedicated to addressing the challenge of African American underrepresentation in elected seats of power across the nation. We firmly believe that Black elected representation should reflect the Black population of our cities, states, and the nation.

We are reaching out to artists and influencers who share our vision and are interested in joining this cause. As an artist or influencer, your unique platform and voice can make a significant impact in helping us build Black political power. Your involvement can help create real change and foster a more equitable society for all.

To get started and become a part of this important movement, we invite you to fill out the survey below. Your responses will help us determine the best way for you to contribute and support our mission in enhancing African American political representation.