AMAN (African American Man Action Network)

At AMAN, we are dedicated to uplifting and empowering African American males to reach their full potential. Through our comprehensive resources, mentorship programs, and community engagement initiatives, we strive to create a brighter future for individuals and communities.

Ignite Your Power, Brothers!

Welcome to the African Men Action Network (AMAN), a digital platform crafted with our aspirations in mind. AMAN is our gateway to a brighter future, connecting African American males to influential networks and empowering resources. It’s a collaborative effort born from visionary partnerships, blending innovation and community-building to shape a new destiny.

Within AMAN’s digital realm, we find a wealth of opportunities. We’re offered skills training, networking techniques, and strategies to elevate our lives. Webinars, videos, and training materials await, fueling our personal growth. But AMAN doesn’t stop there. It actively engages with leaders at all levels to curate a resource library brimming with research findings, webinars, data articles, and programs. Our voices matter, and we’re encouraged to suggest new topics and engage in vibrant discussions.

AMAN sparks a true sense of involvement in our communities, urging us to step up, connect with positive male mentors, and make a difference. We build bridges between generations, fostering relationships between youth and adult males, as well as community service organizations.

Our Mission

AMAN is an open-form digital Platform or Hub for outreach and engagement meant to help local community organizations, advocacy groups, political organizations, nonprofits, and electoral campaigns fully participate in democracy and reinvigorate the spirit of community advocacy. The Platform shall be used to arm communities with the tools required to compete in twenty-first-century challenges.

The dawning of the digital age has caused some to refer to the coming changes as Fourth Industrial Revolution. Like the other such revolutions, there were winners and losers. Losers could not adapt to change, got lost in the morass of new technology, or faded away in the face of doing things differently. However, other organizations flourished and succeeded by demonstrating the agility to adapt to new operating procedures. AMAN mission is to ensure that as many black males and community organizations as possible are armed with the tools to succeed in this new age.

Our Vision

AMAN’s vision is to digitally empower African American males, fostering influential leaders and thriving communities. We provide an innovative platform, collaborative partnerships, and a rich resource library, bridging gaps and unlocking potential. Through digital connectivity, mentorship, and positive role models, we inspire success and create a legacy for generations to come. Together, we amplify voices, share knowledge, and drive meaningful change, forging a brighter future for African American males and their communities.

Our Team

We are excited to announce the collaborative partnership between Strategic Resources Consulting (SRC) and VIA Consulting Group, LLC. This partnership aims to ignite a new future for community-based organizations. SRC, with its expertise in managing campaigns and leveraging data, joins forces with VIA Consulting Group’s global leadership and technology-driven approach to empower communities and drive positive change. Together, we will create innovative outreach and engagement campaigns using VIA’s digital community engagement platform. By connecting community-based organizations, government agencies, healthcare providers, academia, and other valuable resources, we will support the growth and sustainability of these organizations.

Impact and Benefits

AMAN (African American Men’s Action Network) has a profound impact and offers numerous benefits. It empowers individuals through valuable resources and knowledge, facilitates connections with community leaders, fosters involvement in communities, promotes mentorship and positive role models, bridges the gap between youth and adult males, and supports community service organizations. AMAN is transforming lives, strengthening communities, and creating a brighter future for African American males.


Get Involved

We invite you to join hands with AMAN (African American Men’s Action Network) and ignite positive change in your community:
Connect and Engage: Become a member of our network, linking up with individuals and organizations dedicated to empowering African American males.
Discover Resources: Immerse yourself in a wealth of resources. Participate in dynamic webinars, discussions, and gain insights that fuel personal growth and community advancement.
Volunteer and Contribute: Make a real impact by volunteering your time or contributing to community projects, uplifting those in need.
Inspire and Share: Share your success stories and inspire others with your journey. Your achievements motivate others to strive for greatness.
Stay Informed: Stay updated on news, events, and opportunities for involvement through social media and newsletters.
Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for African American males. Join us today and become part of the transformative force that is AMAN.