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the problem with it is, your dreams ain’t everybody’s dreams.

Yeah. You see, and when you starting off doing stuff, man, you know, there’s just, people be like, Hey, you know, it’s. The idea can be the best idea in the world. And every idea we come up with, we swear it’s the best idea in the world. And how come you don’t see this? Don’t you see that this can do this and this and that?

And it just is our ideas and that’s why we creators, and so you continue to build your network up. You continue to work around people and get people to understand or see things the way that you see it and it’ll work out for you.


Hey, what’s up? What’s up? You tuned into another episode of Strategic Moves. I’m your host, Ken Dowell. This is a place where I bring art, culture, politics, and business all together. And we do it every Sunday right here on this channel. I put out a challenge, uh, while ago. Good. Ask people if you like to be a guest and come on our program to talk about a issue that you’re working on, a book that you’re publishing or something that you want to get out to the community, [00:01:00] this is the place where we. Every Sunday right here on this channel.

So if that’s something you wanna do, please hit our like button, hit the subscribe button, as well as hit the notification bell as well. And if you’d like to come on the program, just leave your information in the comments or hit me in the dms and we will get you on the program. So today I have a gentleman who did exactly that.

He called me up and said, Hey. , I wanna come on your program. I got this book I wrote and I said, what’s the name of your book? And he said, it’s call challenging. Your perception cold calling. And I’m like, cold calling. Challenging your perception of cold calling. Now when we talk cold calling, as everybody know, there’s a button on our phone where we hit Do not disturb.

Hang up, don’t call me because you’re selling something in most cases.

And this gentleman. Has wrote a book because he has built a career on actually doing that, making cold calls. He probably done called you at some point or another. So today without further ado, we got none other than Mr. Mark Akins.[00:02:00]

So Mark? Yes sir. You’re the author of a book called Challenge Your Perception of Cold-Calling.

But before you go there, because people like to know where you from and you lower your background before we get started, so you grew up here in Cleveland, or are you a native clevelander? Yes, sir.

I’m from Cleveland. And then the subtitle of that book is, don’t Let Anxiety Hold Your Success. Ransom. Ah, so as Challenger Perception of Cold Calling. Don’t Let Anxiety Hold Your Success Ransom. And I think that’s extremely important. Mm-hmm. . So Yes. From Cleveland and, graduated from Brush. Oh, okay.

Yep. In 2008. So you grew up in South euc. Yep. So I started off, noble Elementary. Mm-hmm. . And then, I did Noble Fairfax, Monticello, and then we went to South Ucle. I did Greenview over there, Memorial. Brush. And then in high school I went over to, Richmond for a little bit too.

Mm-hmm. and I [00:03:00] came back to brush and then they have an alternative program, a credit recovery program. Mm-hmm. , I don’t know if they’re offering this anymore. I don’t think so. And so if you were in trouble with your credits , you’d have to go up there and the program was all online and you just go to school for like half the day.

 This was great cuz you get to work the other half of the day. Mm-hmm. and. , you can get your credits a little faster. Okay. You know, because of the way the curriculum is set up . So, \ that’s how I was able to get outta high school as well. So, , you got outta high school and immediately started working or you went to college or what did you do?

Well, I had my first job when I was 16. Mm-hmm. . So, I was able to work because of the program I was in. I was going to school, I think it was eight to 11. Mm-hmm. , and then I’d work three to seven. So I even had a little bit of time after school to kind of hang out and. um, had a car and was driving at that time too.

Mm-hmm. . And so by the time I got out outta school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I did music for a little bit. Mm-hmm. , you know, I did , wanna. You’re successful, famous, you know, performer. What kind of music was you doing? It was hip hop. Oh, you [00:04:00] was rapping? Yeah. . Imagine that . Really? You was rapping?

Imagine that. Yeah. What was your mc name? Man. Oh man. , you opened the door. I, I know I I’m not gonna have you drop no verses, but what was it like rapping. Tell me that story. What was your hip hop story? Man? Well, I started writing music and poetry when I was 11 years old. Okay. And so big influence, , big influences were, cash money.

Mm-hmm. , big Influence Bone. Okay. Bone was a big influence. Loved bone thugs and Harmony. Snoop Dogg. Mm. Those were some of my biggest influences, I love the way Bone and Snoop do they thing, you know? Mm-hmm. , they all have this special way of doing their thing, you know?

Right. And then we have a sound, Cleveland has a sound Right. Bone has a sound. And so, , it was just something that really inspired me. So, suppose if you heard some of my music, you might could hear, that that was an influence, but I don’t, I don’t rap like anybody or I mm-hmm.

I didn’t mm-hmm. . And so just doing it and then. . When I got outta high school, that’s when I really wanted to start trying to push it. Mm-hmm. , because a lot of, [00:05:00] entertainers may not have a education. Mm-hmm. not even just furthering, it may not even finish high school.

Right. Right. And then, they’d say, well, I’m still successful, make more money than my teachers and stuff like that. So I didn’t want to be an example like that. Okay. So I wanted to finish and then I ended up getting with this like little underground team.

And in high school I would record on like computers. Mm-hmm. and stuff and have CDs and just print out just a few. And you know, my space was out. Right. You know, so I was on my space around like the Soja boy era and stuff like that, you know? Okay. And, you just print up CDs and you pass ’em out, try to sell ’em, but you know, you still hand ’em out.

Mm-hmm. , you bring more CDs than you bring books. When you go , to a podcast. I came here with a hundred CDs, you know, that’s, could I leave them on the table? Exactly. Exactly. Well, that’s how the game was done. Yeah. That’s how the game was done. And did that. And then, eventually I got into trade school for H V A C.

Okay. total different. Mm-hmm. And then I also wanted to be a barber before H V A C. It’s like total different switch. Right? And I had this guy, I knew Arthur. He says why don’t you go to school for hvac.[00:06:00] , you know, and it’s like, what’s hvac? And he told me, you work with your hands and dah da da.

And he said, why not? You know, a lot of times we don’t think about our future men, don’t think about our future. We want money now. We want fast money and stuff and all of that. And he says, think about your future. You know, women think about their future, , and, you need to think like them sometimes.

Well, that’s because sometimes we’re in a position where we always feel as if we have. have this money to be able to provide and do the stuff we need to. So in most cases, we are always constantly trying. We are on the grind. Mm-hmm. , you know, I was talking to a young lady, we did a program about therapy and we talked about a difference in men dealing with therapy and

women and they were like, men don’t go to therapy. They don’t talk about it. Well, sometimes they don’t talk about it. Cuz we always in the midst of trying to fix. You know, if you think about it, when something goes wrong in your life, , I only could speak for myself when things went wrong in my life in the past, and it was a problem I had, I took some time to be like, damn, you know, that happened.

I got it. It is really screwed up. But[00:07:00] immediately, the mode that kicked in for me, was how do you fix it? And if this is so broken, it can’t be fixed. How you move to the next thing to be able to survive to keep moving. So it was always a survival mode of me of moving forward. And sometimes the ones that fail sometimes get stuck in that place where they know they gotta move on because this is broken.

but they can’t put the pieces together. And that’s where therapy may come in at sometimes. But I wanna go back so didn’t like doing the furnace thing, huh? Well, it wasn’t, that. The program was great.

12 months Remington College. Mm-hmm. , shout out to Remington College. Cleveland Campus over there on Broadway. Yeah, I remember that. So they had this great H V A C program. I wouldn’t be here without it. Mm-hmm. Okay. This led to everything that I’m doing now, in a way, right?

Mm-hmm. . So, you know, you start out in this H V A C and, um, , you get, you know, um, this is crazy because when you first go there, you think it’s gonna all be like hands-on type of stuff, right? Mm-hmm. , you’re gonna, [00:08:00] you’re gonna be fixing on fairness and air conditioners, and then you’ll be a wizard at it, right?

Mm-hmm. . And then you’ll do side work. Mm-hmm. . And then when you do side work, you’ll make all this money, right? You’re thinking about the hustle all day long. Mm-hmm. . And you go in here, you gotta do homework and all of this stuff. And then we got textbooks, right? You wouldn’t expect things like this, when you go to hands-on type of deal.

So it was intimidating at first for a lot of us. And there was this guy, Jason, he was a motherfucker. He really was though, man. This guy, this guy, he was there like a couple mods before me. So like this shit for four mods.

All right. Ahmad is, about four weeks. Mm-hmm. . So he was there about two mods before me. So you go in class, he’s the first one in class, sitting in the front row in the first chair. Mm-hmm. Now, I was thinking about sitting in the front row, but I didn’t go sit in the front row.

Mm-hmm. , I’m like, , I’m gonna just sit in the second row. You know? But, he turns to all of us. You know, you know y’all ain’t serious. Y’all ain’t gonna come in here and do shit da, you know what I’m saying? Look at my test scores. So we had a final 225 questions. He got 223. I seen Jason [00:09:00] last week. I’m like, you still fucking miss two? I mean, so, you know, he act like, oh, I was number one.

I was, you still miss two on that final. But he still was number one. How many, what did everybody else do in the class though, too, though? But what did everybody else do? And we gonna challenge your perception of it? He, he challenged mine and I sat in the front row from that first day. Okay. And I made him my competition.

 If it wasn’t for having competition, there it is. That I wouldn’t have went hard like I did. So he, said something to kick something in because obviously you guys were sitting in the back of the room. Bull crap. It, I mean, yes. . That’s why he said something. Yeah, he was, he was a little older. He was a little older and he was like, Hey, y’all in here messing this up.

This what I got. And you know, that’s what he did. So let’s go on let’s talk about, cold calling? Let’s get to that and the business of sales and that kind of thing. Okay. Yep. So, .

Gary Ronaldo. Job over at, Buckeye Heating and Cooling. Mm-hmm. with Stan Senia act when he was over there, and then I was counter sales over there. So it’s kinda like if you go into like an auto zone or something. Okay. You know, I need something for, my car was the make model, all of that, except you [00:10:00] had to, Be an actual contractor.

Okay. And you come get piece parts, pieces and equipment, you know, H V A C related, we had a sheet metal shop in the back. Mm-hmm. . And so after working there, I went back and I got my associates and applied science from the H V A C. Mm-hmm. So I went back, tried to get some guys jobs that I was working, I was in school with mm-hmm.

and you got a couple guys hired and, they said they had a program. I just had to go to school for one more year. because I already did the year of trade school and they would use it, you know? Oh, so, so let’s go. So you ended up getting your associate degree in in H V A C. Yep. And then, so while I was there and I got my associates mm-hmm. Brewer, Garrett, they called me. And I went from selling parts, pieces and stuff like that for the H V A C on the residential end to buying it on a commercial end for Brewer Garrett.

And that’s who I sell for. So right now you’re working for the company. What’s the name of it? The Brewer Garrett Company. And what do they do? . So, a facility solutions company is the tagline. Okay.

, some of the. Customers like Playhouse Square, medical Mutual. And when you say work with ’em, what you work doing? All design and build projects.

Okay. [00:11:00] H V A C. Okay. Electrical. Okay. Y’all a contracting company? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. You know, and you do sales for them? I do. Sales, yep. For service. How long you been doing sales for them? I’m going into my third year. Yep. Going into my third year. What’s your position there?

I’m a sales professional.

So you’ve been in the field for a total three, three years in sales. I’ve been with the company, it’ll be five years in April. Okay. April 2nd. Okay. Yeah. And so let’s get to the book, the book is called Challenging Your Percept. Of cold calling. Don’t let anxiety hold your success.

 So we’re going, I’m gonna break it down if we can. All right. We’re going. Let’s take with the first part of it, which is challenging your perception of cold calling. Let’s just talk about that part first. What. inspired you to put that on there when you wanted people to change their perception.

Everybody got their little ways of when their phone rings and they see a number on there. Mm-hmm. and this and absolutely. You know what you do and that kind of thing.

So let’s hear it from you. Cause you one of these guys who do all of that. So yeah, I’m calling you . [00:12:00] I’m calling you so, and it’s what I’m looking like when I’m calling. I’m wearing something like this. If the phone rings, if that helps so in this way with the sales world, I don’t think a cold call is anything. The first time you meet anybody is a cold call. Your first date is a cold call. Mm-hmm. . Well, you know, in a sales world, you’re sitting at your desk or wherever you choose to be sitting at, and, you’re picking up the phone, you’re dialing someone.

and you may not even know who you are looking for when you call that, that company. So, so in in your particular business, do you, your leads and stuff, are you the lead generator? You have to generate your leads? For myself. For yourself? For myself, yeah. And, and then of course you present the company mm-hmm.

you know, you present the company and then you let ’em know what you, what you can do for them. Mm-hmm. . Right? Because if you need something else, then of course I’m your plug, right? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. You build a relat. and then with me, and then that’s the value I bring. And then I build a relationship with you, and then the value you bring is me working, you know, getting this money from you.

Mm-hmm. , you know, so, oh, providing the service. So providing the service. Yeah. , it would look like Meco calling you. And then I’d set up , a meeting to come out and [00:13:00] introduced

the company who I am, what we could do. The real big thing is to listen to you because I want to know exactly what you would need help with it is gotta be a perfect match for both of us. Mm-hmm. , it can’t just be, you got a huge facility and we can do the service.

Let us do it. Because there’s so much different things that we do. You don’t wanna come in and just say, I wanna do H V A C for you. Mm-hmm. , if they love their H V A C contractor and you’re pushing that they might lose respect for you.

They may lose comfort with you because we’re cool here, we good. Right. But they may need help in electrical, so you just want to really find out where you can even help them. And if you can’t. Yeah, ask if they have someone they may. So to your thing is you really calling a lot of commercial.

Yep. So do you think calling commercial is any easier than calling residential people? Or you think it’s all the same? Uh,

I can’t compare ’em because I don’t call, you haven’t call Residential. Residential, no, I really can’t call it. so when you call commercial, you gotta deal with a gatekeeper a lot of times.

Mm-hmm. , there’s someone who’s gonna answer the phone, you know? Mm-hmm. these days [00:14:00] there’s a lot of answering services to pick a and you just push a. Code or whatever. So you leaving a lot of messages. Yep. I see. You know, I gotta a chapter in the book about voicemails, right? Mm. to leave or not to leave?

That is the question. Right? Okay. I think you always should leave a voicemail. Definitely always leave a voicemail. And I think it’s important to leave voicemails and, the voicemail is not always about you, right? Mm-hmm. , so challenge your perception of a voicemail. When you think about a voicemail, you think about what you’re going to say to them, right?

Mm-hmm. . But have you ever thought about a voicemail to the point of, what they wanna say to you? Mm-hmm. ? So sometimes when people, they, they don’t just say like, um, you’ve reached 2 16, 1, 2, 3. Mm-hmm. 1, 5, 6, 7. There’s someone saying, Hey, you reached Mark Akins. Leave a message with the date, the time you called.

Why you called number? I can call you back on. And you just say, Hey Mark, give me a call. You know? . the voicemail isn’t always about you leaving a message. It’s about you hearing what they wanna tell you, what they saying. Yeah so they already told you what to do. [00:15:00] Mm-hmm. and to make this process better, you know, and this is where I think communication sometimes gets thrown off, because if everybody’s not on the same wavelength

you can’t connect. Mm-hmm. , you literally can’t connect. , so we gonna get into it a little day. Let’s jump into the anxiety portion of your title. Why did you add that to there?

Because I run into people who. Don’t like sales or they say I would never do sales. Mm-hmm. , I could never do sales. I can’t deal with, people saying no. Or sometimes I hear people say something like, I can’t keep bugging people. I can’t keep calling. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me, I’m not gonna keep, I can’t do it.

 And it’s amazing because, it’s like this, it’s nothing. It’s, it’s literally nothing. Mm-hmm. , it’s literally nothing. So you’re looking at it, from a different way than if you were just sitting next to someone in a waiting room mm-hmm. , and you turn over to them and you say something to them.

I mean, it’s kind of the same thing and you shouldn’t be as nervous as if you were calling someone’s home because you’re not interrupting something. So private and personal. Mm-hmm. , but you [00:16:00] should respect that. You’re calling them at work the same way that you would if you’re calling them.

At home. . But the way you take that whole interaction, if you really think that you’re disturbing them, if you really think that they are not gonna wanna talk to you, but let me just try it anyway. Or if you are not prepared to talk because you already think they’re gonna hang up, there’s a lot of ways to look at how you’re gonna do that.

Mm-hmm. . Don’t focus on the things that you can’t change. You can practice the perfect conversation all day long. Mm-hmm. a hundred times a day for a hundred days. You can practice this perfect conversation, but you’ll never have one. Mm-hmm. How do you always know exactly how and when you’re gonna respond to everything?

 You don’t know what I’m gonna say. Right. You know what’s in my head. Right? Don’t stress with that. That’s why I don’t believe in scripts. Hmm. You know, conversations. Just have a conversation. Communicate and conversate. That’s all you have to do. So let’s talk about the book then. So what inspired you to write the book and talk to me a little bit about some of the gems you got in this book that you think we ought to pay attention to?

Well, that was some of it. That was some of it. And I [00:17:00] wrote the book because I just wanted to be able to help people who may feel that way. So the crazy thing about it. I would consider myself outgoing. I have no issue with talking to people. and, networking events.

I go and if I have 20 cards, then I want to give all 20 cards away. Mm-hmm. That’s my reason to talk to people or at least want to give you a card, you know, introduce myself. Just make it simple, and then, what I do, so I’ll show you this real quick. This is what I’m do with my business cards.

Oh, you sign them? Yep. Okay. Hand write. Hand write. On my business cards, I sign all my business cards and write. Thank you. That’s a souvenir that you met me. But at the same time, if you hand someone a card and they see something like that, they’re gonna look at the card a a little bit longer too.

Mm-hmm. , because, I’ve had people tell me that this. . I’ve never seen anything like this. That’s why I remember your card. I kept your card. Mm-hmm. something so simple. You wanna stand out when you’re doing stuff, so you could even put a little note on there. Have a nice day. I don’t know if you wanna write a whole sentence, but [00:18:00] you sure could.

They’re your business Be unique there’s some things in here you talk about that you can use to help you in networking and helping you in your day-to-day, right?

Yeah. , I mean, emails. Mm-hmm. , talk a little bit about emails, everything. I mean that, so I, I was, look at this one here. You say, just pick up the phone. What did you mean by just pick up the phone? .

So I feel like when we think about code calling sometimes, what’s the, the, the phrase divide and conquer. Mm-hmm. . So we could divide code. and call. And this is something that we should think about. . I know it sounds crazy, but this is something we should think about all, A lot of this might sound a little bit crazy.

 And I hate to use the word crazy, when you think about code right? C o l D code, what do you think about? Right. It’s relation to temperature. but you don’t think about always, if I came in here, you think about cold calling. Did you think about heartless emotionless? Resentment. Did you think about any of that? Think about when somebody give you the cold shoulder. Mm-hmm. , someone’s acting cold towards you.

Right. You have to challenge your [00:19:00] perception of these things. . So calling, when it’s not in reference to like addressing or labeling, so a name or whatever, calling somebody’s name out. It’s. A phone call, the way you would communicate with someone and get in contact with them was to, make a phone call.

You would call them. What are you afraid of? Are you, afraid of ’em together, are you afraid of code or are you afraid of call you afraid of them wasting your time? Look, aren’t you afraid of them calling you, saying, Hey, you need benefits and you don’t, or are you talking from a prospect?

I’m talking from my phone ringing and I looked at it and it says Senior benefits, and I know I’m not a senior. ND benefits. So this is the thing. So then this is where you’d have to do a a decent voicemail. and, be respectful with your times that you follow up. Don’t call like every single day or something like that.

Mm-hmm. so to your point, sometimes the way you leave your voicemail, Can probably determine a lot of those calls. You think? Or you think those people gonna call anyway?

Well, regardless if your voicemail said whatever, they gonna still call. Right. Well I’ll tell you this. So I did speak with a gentleman one time and [00:20:00] he was in the profession where he’d be someone that I would be calling from my profession. Mm-hmm. , right? And he says that whenever they don’t get him and they get the voicemail, they sound.

He says, I’ll never call ’em back. They sound relieved. He can tell that they’re relieved that they got the voicemail and it wasn’t him. They were scared to call anyway. They were scared to call him the first call. . Right. So lemme ask you this, is there any tips you could get us when a cold caller calls you

and you don’t want to be bothered, what’s the proper etiquette in that? Just say no. Can you tell them to take your name off a list and stuff? And they supposed to do that? Absolutely. This is what I want people to know.

When you get a call, if anyone’s listening, it’s gonna take my advice. Just say why, it’s harder in life to take a no when you just think about no as being rejection and you don’t even know why. Right. Oh my God, she won’t go out with me.

She’s married with three kids and, you know mm-hmm. , you know, but so it the same thing, you know, at, at certain jobs you go out for the interview and you don’t get [00:21:00] it. And it’s not because you aren’t gonna be great, you’re not. It’s not because you’re not gonna kill it, you not because you’re not dressed neat, or you didn’t present yourself well.

You didn’t. The position? Mm-hmm. , it’s more than just you doing the job. You have to fit the position they have, whatever they envision that person in that spot to be, your personality or whatever it is for that. So it has to be the perfect fit. And so when people don’t understand that, then they take the rejection hard in life.

I think that’s kind of how it goes. So it just, Hey, I’m calling What? Whatever you just said. Senior life insurance or whatever. I don’t, no, I don’t have any. I don’t need any, I don’t have any. There’s no seniors here. No. And they know why. I totally get it cuz we do a lot of cold calling when we do political campaigns and that kind of stuff as it relates to that. So trust me, I made thousands and thousands cold calls. Mm-hmm. But , to your point of what you’re talking about, the No. A lot better when you know why and, and coming from the cold callers perspective, they need to know why.

Also because [00:22:00] the data that you give them helps them to shape a perspective on, maybe not call in a whole group of people or some other folks that you can look at to say, you know what, we’ve been running this, and everybody’s keeps saying no, and this is why they’re saying. Maybe we need to get a better list.

Maybe we need to change who we’re calling. Maybe we need to get a older caller, younger caller. So to that point, I totally agree with you that it does help on both sides. If you told them, no, I’m not a senior, , or, no, this doesn’t apply to me. I think that really makes a lot. And,

have you ever thought about this? There’s two words in the alphabet that are just constructed natural. hi and no. Mm-hmm. , right? A B C D E F G H I J k L m n O. Right? So this is how it works when you cold call mm-hmm. , you say Hi, they say no, and then you say Y. That’s what you do.

You know, I’m a chapter 10. You can win all the time without winning them all. [00:23:00] What do you mean by that? You can win all the time without winning them all. Because it’s a mind state. It’s a mind state. Not to get super deep into this, but. . If you notice in there, I have a page with definitions in the beginning, you know, I saw that.

Let’s go through that route. Mm-hmm. . Cause you know, I saw those and I thought that was pretty good. The reason why, and, and then I, you know, I had someone tell me that this should be a definition there, there should be definition of this in there because there’s some sales terms, but there’s soft sales terms.

Everybody should know. And this is the thing though. Have a open mind when you read this book, have these definitions in your head when you hear these words. Okay. Right. So we start off the book is challenge your perception of cold calling.

Mm-hmm. , don’t let anxiety hold your success. Ransom. So the first definition that I have in here is challenge, an objection or query as to the truth of something. Often with pl demand for proof. So are these your definitions or are these the definitions of these words? Google ? No. So you did, no, I thought these were your definitions.

No, no, no. Okay. This, that’s why it challenges your [00:24:00] perception. Mm-hmm. . Because when you look into a definition of a word, there’s also usually more than one. Mm-hmm and I’m gonna skip down the success, okay?

Right. success is the good or bad outcome. Of an undertaking, that’s a definition of success. Outcome is, just a result. Okay. Right. So the good or bad result mm-hmm. of an undertaking. Right. Something that you vowed to do or you set your mind and do, or whatever the case may, you had an agreement to do.

Right? So all you have to do is try, let’s try and if you give it a try and then you fall in love. Progression, then the baby steps will be enough. You’re still moving, you still got traction and so, you know, picking up the phone is a success. Mm-hmm. , that’s why I’d say just pick up the phone because if you’re nervous about making these calls, if you don’t have a phone, you can’t make the call.

you gotta have the phone there. You gotta have the number there. You know and I don’t mean, make it sound so elementary, but I kind of get into it really simply. You know, because really break all of this [00:25:00] stuff down to where is your fear coming from? Because fear is false evidence appearing real.

Mm-hmm. and I like to say that fear is an illusion because once you face it disappears. Mm-hmm. , right? Mm-hmm. like magic. So, yep. Just a few definitions. That’s just a couple of them. and then, rejection. The dismissing. Or refusing of a proposal idea, et cetera. But rejection and no mean two different things and no is a negative answer or decision.

I guess you got a point. Does it have to be negative when you refuse something? No, it could just be you don’t want it.

But it could be a perception. Right? Because if you refused it from me or something, I don’t know. Right. I don’t know. Right. Then maybe it could be. Mm-hmm. , that’s the whole deal. Just something like that. That’s the whole deal. The way, it’s the way you look at things. Just trying to get people to slow down mm-hmm.

and look at things different, that’s the biggest thing. There’s nothing wrong with having anxiety, but sometimes it can hold your success ransom.

Hmm. If you don’t know how to face that anxiety, if you don’t know how to go for it. And the [00:26:00] way I try to get people to realize it, just by really breaking it down to the best that I could, they say a real genius can, explain. anything to a six year old mm-hmm.

And I’m not trying to say that anyone six years old that’s reading this or that their mind is on that level at all. It’s just that sometimes our beautiful minds, these minds that God blessed us with, oh, there are amazing things. Mm-hmm. , there are things we still don’t know about these, these minds.

Right. And, and. all even understand the capabilities of what our minds can truly do when they’re fully activated. We’re all learning that, right? The chakras, vibrations, mm-hmm. , all of that good jazz. But, you gotta take time and be simplistic. Mm-hmm. , and sometimes that’s what has to be broken down a little bit.

And that’s really all I do. And try to just help people conquer it piece by piece. So what’s next for you, mark? You are a young man. Yes. You say you got a youngster in their family now.

Mm-hmm. , you’re a new father, you know? And, and so what do you like to do next, man? So this is what I would tell anyone who’s, gonna write a book.

So let me give you a little tip here too. So a lot of people want you to pay [00:27:00] for, and I’m not knocking anybody, like, well, there’s some stuff you don’t need to have people pay for, man. Mm-hmm. . And it’s like, it could be really frustrating trying to get something off the ground, because if you’re the type of person that really wanna understand what you’re getting into and you really wanna learn and stuff, and if you don’t have like a mentor or anybody to kinda, right, right.

You. Why not? Why so? The game is to be sold, not to be told, of course, but that doesn’t mean that we have to do it in a way that, you know what I’m saying? What you give and you give back. That’s why it’s greater to give than to receive. Mm-hmm. Don’t take the payment as money. Mm-hmm.

take the payment as you giving the game to the youth that’s how I look at it, right? Mm-hmm. , so I like to give back and stuff like that, but, Oh, it’s like that, man. It’s business. Yeah. It is really hard trying to decipher because the problem with it is, your dreams ain’t everybody’s dreams.

Yeah. You see, and when you starting off doing stuff, man, you know, there’s just, people be like, Hey, you know, it’s. The idea can be the best idea in the world. And every idea we come up with, we swear it’s the best idea in the world. And how come you don’t see this? Don’t you see that this can do this and this and that?

And it just [00:28:00] is our ideas and that’s why we creators, and so you continue to build your network up. You continue to work around people and get people to understand or see things the way that you see it and it’ll work out for you.

So Mark, I wanna thank you for coming on our program, man. You know, we, always in our program with giving you the opportunity to look right into this camera here and you get the closing remarks to our. Millions and millions of fans that out there watching us in YouTube world.

And just tell ’em about your book a little bit if you want to. Okay. You can tell ’em where they can get the book at. How they can get it or any of that stuff that you’d like to talk about. All right hello World. My name is Mark Akins. I am the author of Challenger Perception of Cold Calling.

if you’re in sales, if you’re new in sales, or if you’re a seasoned sales professional, I do think that this would be a fun book to. There is some terms in here you’re gonna be familiar with and then to newcomers. I do have some definitions in here to kind of get your mind in the right state when you’re reading this book.

 The sales terms are, really light, they’re light terms, nothing real heavy, you’d [00:29:00] understand. So cold-calling, if you have problems talking to people, if it’s holding your success. Ransom to, have anxiety when it comes to talking to new people you’ve never met before, or you have to call them on the.

This is a great book. This is gonna help you with that a hundred percent. I really appreciate Ken and the staff here. Go to You really, if you google the title of the book, it’ll come right up. It’ll be the first one.

Challenger Perception of code Calling. . We’ll see you next week on Strategic Moves with Ken. Do have a nice night and don’t forget to hit the light button, the subscribe button, and the notification bell as.

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